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Compliance is a Must-have for SMEs and start-ups

Compliance is no longer just a nice-to-have, but an absolute basic requirement. And not only for large companies, but above all for start-ups and SMEs.

Inter- & multi-disciplinary Advisory

Our consulting team consists of scientists, lawyers and computer scientists, among others, in order to be able to guarantee holistic advice.

Compliance Management Redefined

Our unique selling point (USP) consists of the combination of individual, personal advice and a digital platform, which guarantees state-of-the-art compliance.

What is PIA?

PIA Compliance Management is a regTech solution of valvisio consulting GmbH. This Compliance as a Service (Caas) platform enables especially small-, mid-sized companies, family businesses and start-ups to implement a lean, individualized compliance organization. Responsible trade, corporate governance and corporate ethics form a part of our DNA. We live our passion for efficient compliance.
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360° Advisory

We ensure your business success through individualized, holistic advice.

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100% Passion & Culture

Compliance is an integral part of our business culture – we live it.

PIA - Protect Interact Anticipate
  • Design & set-up of a compliance organization and of a compliance management system
  • Up-to-date indices of legal provisions
  • Compliance awareness via modern training & skills transfer methods
  • Professional collaborations with specialist attorneys, tax advisors & auditors – national & international
  • Compliance newsletter, podcast & closed community
  • Long-term compliance management by outsourced compliance manager
  • Prevention and intervention
  • Technology-backed and secure compliance management

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Expert knowledge in one place

Our compliance insider media brand features blog articles on specialist topics, practice-oriented checklists, our ComplianceRedefined podcast and an exciting, topical or groundbreaking ruling of the week every week.
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Corporate responsibility

Compliance with applicable laws presents only the bare minimum of corporate responsibility. This means that companies must also consider the impact of their products and business operations on the environment and ethical matters affecting society as a whole. Since corporate responsibility is constantly being expanded by new requirements, a functioning compliance management system represents a suitable framework.

Avoidance of Liabilities and Reputational Damage

The goal of a compliance management system is to establish and ensure legal compliance of the company, but also of all its employees. It is particularly suitable for keeping an eye on rules with penalties or fines, training employees preventively and avoiding possible damage to reputation. Compliance is now also essential for small and medium-sized companies and start-ups, because there is no distinction made according to company size or age. On the contrary, for small companies in particular, the reputational damage and fines that result from non-compliance with guidelines can be life-threatening.
Such violations must therefore be prevented with a well-developed compliance management system. And should an incident nevertheless occur, the existing compliance structures and appropriate preventive measures will at least mitigate the penalty.

Significant Competitive Advantage

Trust is key for long-term co-operations. More and more large global corporations require proof of a functioning compliance management system before entering into business relationships. Furthermore, a well-maintained CMS constitutes a significant competitive advantage for M&A transactions andattracting investments for start-ups.

Cost Saving & Flexibility

It is necessary to set up a functioning compliance management system in all areas of the company, ideally right from the start, in order to avoid expensive restructuring measures later. With our Compliance as a Service solution, we offer you a professional alternative to having your own compliance department: This saves you money and allows for a high level of flexibility if your needs change.

The duty to corporate regulatory compliance starts even before the formal incorporation. Examples are the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and minimum wage law, the latter which applies also to non-commercial partnerships.

Imperative for every business!

Non-compliance will reduced or even hamper the growth of any business. Compliance is not a nice-to-have for large companies and corporations - no, it is particularly important for start-ups and small to medium-sized companies. Compliance is an important pre-requisite for a successful and sustainable business.

Set-up, Management & Advisory in respect of Compliance Management Systems (CMS)

Compliance is a matter concerning all functions of a business, however, it starts and ends at corporate leadership. As part of corporate duty, senior management is responsible for ensuring law-abiding conduct. Compliance includes both adhering to legal regulations and internal company guidelines. We advise you on compliance management systems that create the best conditions for avoiding violations but also for recognizing and processing violations that have occurred.

Corporate Governance – Legally compliant implementation of responsibility, decisions and claims

Companies operate in an increasingly complex environment. This presents company management with the challenge of having to use very special know-how in standards and compliance. Transgressions with prescripts and standards can lead to significant fines and reputational damage. Our services duly consider the protection of our clients’ range of interests and stakeholder also in the implementation of a strategic risk- and communication management system. Responsible corporate management and good corporate governance is an important way of preventing compliance violations.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)

Since May 2018 at the latest, data protection has been an issue that companies can no longer ignore. Because in the event of violations of the GDPR or BDSG, the legislature reacts with severe penalties of up to 20 million euros or four percent of global annual sales. Data protection and information security are therefore important components of a well-functioning compliance organization. We are at your side as an external data protection officer and support you in identifying individual compliance risks and in the legally compliant collection, processing and storage of data. This has the advantage that penalties can be avoided and the reputation of the company is protected.

Internal Investigations

Our service bundle here relates to the organization and realization of internal investigations. These are essential for investigating and clarifying violations and sources of risk in companies. Focus here is on duly observing current prescripts. Since internal investigations are almost unthinkable without the processing of personal data, the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) must be carefully observed. Our services include clear and practical recommendations, which are founded on weighing up all relevant data while remaining within the realms of laws, guidelines and standards.

Compliance for Start-ups

Due to the close cooperation with our sister company, the Startup Hub and company builder The Next Unicorn Ventures, we know the specific requirements of startups. Unfortunately, it turned out that compliance for and in startups often receives little attention. However, in the first years of business, the impact of transgressions can threaten the continued existence of the company. Including compliance measures already from the onset of the business provides a solid foundation, upon which to build and scale successful futures for start-ups.

PIA is your Outsourced Compliance-Department

With interdisciplinary know-how and many years of experience in the areas of business law, technology and management and cooperation with specialist lawyers, tax consultants and auditors, we are the right partner for modern compliance management.

For all your legal and tax needs, we consult together with our network of attorneys and tax advisors.

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