PIA – Redefined Compliance

PIA Compliance Management is a regTech solution by valvisio consulting GmbH, a management and technology consulting firm specializing in strategy, compliance & technology. We guarantee modern compliance management through the combination of individual, personal advice and a digital platform.

The Core Team behind PIA

We are an inter- and a multi-disciplinary team of economists, jurists and IT-specialists at valvisio consulting GmbH.
Timo Schusser

Timo Schusser
President CEO, Visionary & Strategist

Christian Feldmann

Christian Feldmann
Legal & Compliance Counsel, LL.B

Dr. Anna-Kathrin Mauch

Dr. Anna-Kathrin Mauch
Attorney at Law

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We re-imagine compliance with the unique combination with technology and strategy.

  • 1
    Definition of a Compliance Strategy

    Smart compliance requires clear goals, guidelines and m&e mechanisms to reach the desired impact.

  • 2
    Establishment of a Compliance Culture

    The implementation of a reliable reporting system requires the full commitment by corporate leadership – "tone from the top".

  • 3
    Technology-backed Compliance

    Intelligent software solutions minimize efforts, improves operational capabilities and increase the acceptance of compliance interventions.

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It would be our pleasure to co-design a tailored Compliance Management System (CMS) and to accompany your teams through all aspects of the implementation process.
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